Thoughts on projects & defining Race Online

Hi Everyone,

I've had this on my list of things to do for awhile, so thought I'd just get my thoughts out there and see what everyone else thinks. My current work isn't explicitly on race online, but i am extremely interested in learning more about this topic. So I am happy to collaborate on any idea since I know I will learn a lot just from particiating. :)

I thought perhaps we should start off with a definition of our group? With our areas of expertise/backgrounds combined, how would we describe this group to others? What are we exploring/looking at as a Race Online group?

I was taking a look at Fiona's list that she sent on Nov 8th, and here are the projects I wouldn't mind participating in/collaborating on:

  • Virtual dance party (yes please!)
  • annotated bibliography
  • Workshop/roundtable submission for HASTAC conference
  • organize a review series
  • tweetchat on Race Online - Would love to do this ;) (Daniela) - Me too! (Mel

I know we can brainstorm other things, but I just chose a few off of Fiona's list. What do others have in mind? Excited to be a part of this working group!

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I am trying to get my head around the 'race online' notion? what does that mean? how race is constructed online? how it plays out? how would that connect to my work? my students create digital stories which are posted on YouTube...does this count? (Daniela)


Daniella, I think those are good questions that we could form our projects around. My students have also created online content this semester so I would love to share and view others' doing similar work! (Mel Villa-Nicholas) If we are gathering around the tweetchat, we  could use that to share the videos and discuss. 

Schedule: Tweeting about Race Online

I think we have decided on tweeting about race online. Here are the First Friday dates:

Friday, February 7: (Theme TBD)

Friday, March 7: (Theme TBD)

Friday, April 4: (Theme TBD)

Friday, May 2: (Theme TBD)

Friday, June 6: (Theme TBD)

Friday, July 4: (Theme TBD)

Topics: Race Online

Please use this space to propose topics to tweet. We should decide on what to Tweet about at least a week or two in advance or plan the entire seven months. It may be useful to list themes that you are interested in. 

  • Identity Tourism (Based on Nakumura's chapter on "Identity Tourism, Avatars, and Racial Passing in Textual and Graphic Chat Spaces") [Keon]
  • Visual Culture [Keon]
  • Protocol as a tool of Race and Identity Online [Keon]
  • Usability and Race [Keon]
  • "Digital diasporas"-- the intersection of race and transnational diasporic networks online (Anna Everett, Jennifer Brinkerhoff)  [Courtney]



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