Project Q&A With: Disney-Pixar Wilderness Explorers Badges

Project Q&A With: Disney-Pixar Wilderness Explorers Badges

The Disney-Pixar Wilderness Explorers badging system engages youth in nature-based explorations, offering them a way to learn about and become advocates for wildlife and wild places. As these young Wilderness Explorers learn about conservation issues, they become teachers and ambassadors, content producers, and change makers. Badges will provide opportunities for Wilderness Explorers to make real connections in their communities that promote conservation locally and globally.

As it continues to develop, the Disney-Pixar Wilderness Explorers badging system becomes an increasingly rich and playful way for students grades 3-6 to explore life science curriculum related to a subject and game play that they care about, in the form of endangered sea turtles. The badging system includes several connected games that follow the life cycle of a turtle. We are working with both educational experts and animal programs and conservation experts to inform the learning, and modeling the game play after some of the best immersive online experiences. As they earn the badges, our learners are moving from being educated about sea turtles to understanding the ecosystems and environmental and systems effects on their populations to becoming advocates for endangered species in their homes, schools and communities.

How was the criteria for the badges determined. What pedagogies (if any) informed the learning and badge system design?

Students will have plenty of opportunities to explore and experiment as they tackle level challenges. Completion of the levels links to specific concept masteries described in core curriculum standards.

What is left to do? What is left unanswered?

As we create this content, we are building the architecture for additional badges and endangered species and also creating a structure that may be portable to tablet (perhaps becoming a paid app in the future).

Once your badge system is built, how self-sustaining is it? How much do you anticipate maintenance to be?

Because the program is not linked to a specific award or real-world event, it will continue to be relevant and rewarding indefinitely.

We will be supporting and promoting the content on multiple content platforms, and developing a live in-Park experience and payoff the add additional excitement and off-screen learning and activity.

We will be leveraging both our Disney fan base community and our specific teacher/educator communities online both on-line and in-Park to invite children into the badging experience.

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