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1 History and Future of (Mostly) Higher Education
    1.1 Participatory Assignments
         1.1.1 Course Constitution
         1.1.2 International Timeline of Higher Education
         1.1.3 Designing Higher Education from Scratch

1.2 Class Resources and Tools
     1.2.1 Suggestions for Further Reading

1.3 FutureEd Wikis
    1.3.1 FutureEd Bibliography
    1.3.2 FutureEd Pedagogical Innovations
    1.3.3 FutureEd Institutional Change


History and Future of (Mostly) Higher Education

During this course, you will have the opportunity to participate in three collaborative online projects: writing a course constitution, creating an international timeline of higher education, and building a new university from scratch. Please see below for more information on each project. 


Participatory Assignments

Course Constitution

Mod (or modify) your Community Constitution: Read Professor Davidson's chapter "How a Class Becomes a Community: Theory, Method and Examples" and its annotations on RapGenius (please feel free to add annotations as well). Professor Davidson's face-to-face course on the History and Future of Higher Education has modified the 21C Manifesto into a draft Community Constitution, posted in the course wiki. What is a virtual class? What is a collaborative class? What does having worldwide participation add to a community? What rules pertain to an international virtual community? What do not? Make edits and propose new language until Monday, February 3, at 9:59 am EST. After February 3, the draft Community Constitution will be posted on RapGenius for further annotation and discussion. 

International Timeline of Higher Education

Help us build a global timeline of higher education. Please make sure to cite your sources of information, so that other readers may refer to the original source of information, if necessary for further information or clarification.

Please indicate which region or country your entry applies to by adding a subheading underneath the year. When editing, you can do this by putting three # signs before the subheading for the region (see examples below). If your entry occurs prior to the year 1800, please specify the decade with an appropriate heading (using two # signs before the heading).

Designing Higher Education from Scratch

The students in Professor Davidson's face-to-face course (aka your community TAs) have created a first draft of some basic, preliminary ideas for their collaborative project on designing higher education from scratch. Please find on this page "napkin sketches" for your comments and feedback from our "Designing Higher Education from Scratch" projects, created by project teams in the Duke "History and Future of Higher Education" course. For more information about this project, please see this post


Class Resources and Tools

Week 1 videos summary in a mindmap (by Vahid Masrour) available at

Week 2 videos summary in a mindmap (by Vahid Masrour)available at

Week 3 videos summary in a mindmap (by Vahid Masrour)available at

Week 4 videos summary in a mindmap (by Vahid Masrour)available at

Suggestions for Further Reading


FutureEd Wikis

A parallel conversation about the future of higher education is happening on HASTAC. The wiki pages below are copies of wiki tools created on HASTAC. Please feel free to contribute here. At the end of the class, we'll port everything over to HASTAC's wikis for the public to share. 

FutureEd Bibliography

This wiki is home to the #FutureEd Bibliography - an international list of books, articles, journals, websites, and more about the future of higher education. This bibliography is organized by alphabetical order, rather than by topic area, like the suggestions for further reading. 

FutureEd Pedagogical Innovations

In this wiki, share your strategies for making the classroom engaged, interactive, and open. This wiki includes models of pedagogical innovations that are transforming the way we teach and learn.

FutureEd Institutional Change

This wiki is for institutional change, including ideas and road maps for leading change and scaling innovation across a learning or educational institution. (NB: Please contribute to the "pedagogical innovations" wiki for innovations explicitly designed for teaching and learning and intended for the classroom. This is designed to model changed educational, disciplinary, departmental, other institutional structures and paradigms, small and large. MOOCs are one example. What are other models?)

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