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When Josh was in kindergarden, his teacher prescribed video games for him to help with his hand-eye coordination, and he was immediately hooked. Only a few short years later (while still in grade school), Josh informed his mother that he knew his life was going to involve game development. In middle school, Josh was crying his eyes out to the infamous “Aerith Death Scene” in Final Fantasy 7; amazed by how a fantasy story could have a real effect on human emotion, Josh knew from that point on that he wanted to be a writer.

While a high school junior, Josh joined the XrucifiX game studio (then named “Two Guys Software”) and helped pen the basic plotline and characters for their first game, “Eternal War Shadows of Light”; that game received much praise in the independent, Christian-video game circles and was even featured in such news outlets as the Wall Street Journal. While helping XrucifiX with their second title, Josh left on friendly terms to start Team KAIZEN along with his brother, Trevor. While still In High School, Josh wrote for the school paper and garnered several State and National accolades for articles ranging from his monthly Game Review column to social issues examining opinions and views.

In his spare time Josh plays video games, writes story-lines and song lyrics, enjoys getting into discussions involving history and religion, and playing hackey-sack. Josh is also one of the 2010 HASTAC // MacArthur Foundation's Digital Media Learning Competition's Game Changers LBP winners with his level, Discovery Pier.

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