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Zoe LeBlanc is a second year student in Vanderbilt’s Department of History Doctoral Program. Her research focuses on 20th century diplomatic history of the United States and Middle East, with a particular interest in the rise of Pan-Arabism and Pan-Africanism during the Cold War. Zoe graduated from the University of Toronto in 2010 with her Honours Bachelor of Arts with high distinction. Besides thinking about history and teaching, Zoe spends most of her time in Nashville sampling all the flavors of Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream, and telling her friends and family back in Canada about ‘Nashville Winters’.

Zoe will be one of four HASTAC scholars representing the Vanderbilt community. She looks forward to working closely with the Center for Teaching to explore the latest and greatest innovations towards integrating technology into the classroom. Zoe is also hoping to examine how humanities graduate students across the Vanderbilt campus are already successfully using technology to better communicate with their students. She will be keeping a blog through the HASTAC community and looks forward to reporting on all their exciting developments. You can follow her @Zoe_LeBlanc or visit her website www.zoeleblanc.com .

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