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I am in my sixth year in the graduate program of Visual and Cultural Studies right now. My interests cover the use of code/software in the transformation of local/global cultures particularly in terms of postcolonial identities, digital and non-digital counterculture movements, and game studies.

My past projects include researches on Electronic Civil Disobedience as a form of polyspatial hacktivist movement, a cultural analysis of the Free/Open Source Software movement in Indonesia and its relationship to a "new" sense of nationalism, the relationship between video game and the memory of World War II, and the roles of radio and cinema as propaganda media during and after the World War II in Indonesia and Japan.

During my assignments as TA, I have been assigned to classes related to digital humanities or new media such as Social Uses of Media, Performance Art and Social Intervention, and Markings, Methods, Materials. This fall semester I will be TA-ing a new media art class with a new hire in our Studio Art program.

I am also one of the editorial board member for InVisible Culture journal, which is an online graduate journal on visual and cultural studies. I am interested in sharing thoughts about how to utilize the capabilities afforded by online medium to seek possibilities of publishing scholarly journal in new ways.

I am also involved in the newly-formed Digital Humanities Initiatives and the Arts and Sciences Discussion Group at my university and recently have been appointed as the graduate student member of the Program Committee for the Rush Rhees Library Revitalization Project, a committee to develop a ten-year master plan for our campus main library.

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