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I’m a recently minted MA in English at UNLV, I’m nearing completion of an MFA in creative writing from the same institution, recently named one of the top five creative writing programs in the nation by Atlantic.
I also bring a significant background of “real world” private sector experience that taught me not only the value and necessity of fast, effective solutions for creative problems, but also made me a clear and concise communicator, with a considerable facility for explaining complex or difficult concepts. Over the course of my career, I’ve learned an assortment of effective approaches to various communications challenges in the marketplace.
I have nearly 30 years experience in traditional advertising (Bozell & Jacobs, Saatchi & Saatchi, McCann/Erickson and Young and Rubicam) and entertainment media (Walt Disney Imagineering and the LucasArts division of George Lucas’ film and media empire) and five years interactive/Internet (Modem Media, Y&R/ Brand Dialogue - Luminant, and YR 2.1). I've worked in consumer, direct, business-to-business, hi-tech, promotions, film, television, radio, and multimedia.
Simultaneously with my graduate work at UNLV, I’ve also established "A More Perfect Union," a certified 501(c)(3) multimedia project designed to engender and stimulate exploration, understanding and appreciation of the Constitution of the United States, for school students and the lay public from ages nine to adult. This program is now being developed by a superb team of creative, technical, and education professionals, with an expanding advisory roster of scholars recruited from across the country. When completed, it will comprise a fully illustrated, clearly and engagingly explained online and broadcast encyclopedia/symposium devoted to the Constitution and related documents with an emphasis on historical and contextual accuracy, minus the cant, hysteria, and magical thinking of the lunatic fringe.

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