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PhD student in Communication - Rhetoric and Culture at University of Pittsburgh. Interests in rhetorical theory and online communication as well as masculinities in subcultures.

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After a decade-long professional background in digital media, games, and print publishing I decided to pursue my PhD in Communication. I found rhetoric (and Foucault) to reflect the way I understood the world and so was hooked from the very beginning. I am very much a netizen and so was interested in how rhetoric functioned around online communities, online identity, and social media. I focused on these questions during my MA but found no literature, methods, or perspectives that provided a complete foundation for answering these questions. I am now developing my own theoretical framework that I hope will help future scholars conceptualize the internet in a useful way for rhetorical theory and practice.

I have also written about gender and spectacle (from media to museums) and have a burgeoning interest in pedagogical perspectives on teaching in the university classroom.

As an older scholar, I bring a wealth of experiences with me to the seminar and the classroom, from first-hand experience of Silicon Valley during the dotcom boom to winning awards as a game designer and air hockey world champion and giving a TEDx talk. Though I'm intellectually challenged and exhilarated by rhetorical theory and philosophy, I prefer to take a pragmatic approach to my scholarship and pedagogy.

Also, karaoke...duh.

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October 5 2012
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