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Graduate student at MSU. Rhetoric and writing. Former news minion. Gamer.

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I am a PhD student interested in agency and ethics in discursive work especially in digiital spaces. Specifically, I am interested in how discourse workers operate amid multiple tensions (social, political, ethical, etc.), as well as how and why they create documents, text, and projects amid those tensions. Following that trail, I am fascinated by the rhetorical work done in scientific and medical communication as it pertains to sex, sexuality, and gender. Thus, queer theory and rhetorics direct my epistemology, spotlighting the critical roles of disidentification, re/orientation, and normalization in understanding the world and work. Combining this criticality with a strong emphasis in ethics and queer rhetorics, I hope to eventually facilitate better medical care for queers by mapping out possible problematics and disjunctures in medical and scientific work, especially in sexual health education contexts.

Here's a nice, bulleted list of research interests:

  • feminist/queer activist interventions in the writing classroom
  • technical communication in/as activism
  • queer rhetorics and theory
  • sexual health communication
  • rhetoric of science and medicine
  • identity and agency in online spaces
  • multimodal composition
  • gaming studies

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