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Waliya Yohanna Joseph is a graduate from NationsUniversity , New Orleans, U.S.A. where he studied Religion. He also obtained B.A. Modern Languages (Bachelor of Arts first Class honors) from the University of Calabar, Calabar Nigeria. He is a lecturer in the University of Calabar. He loves Jesus Christ, very popular with reading and doing research in French and English. He hates injustice and any unchristian culture. He is an author of books in French and English such as :La récolte de vie, Les dieux et leurs subalternes ont tort, Quand l’Afrique se lèvera ,Souffrance c'est une grandeur (Roman philosophique) , Monde 2.0, Hégémonie Disparue, The Prayer of the Dead Man, Who Am I If I Received the Holy Spirit?, Do you have the Stamp of God's Ownership?, Overcoming the strategies of Satan etc. They are all sold on the largest eBooks retailers online around the world.

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