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I am a Ph.D. candidate in Modern Thought & Literature at Stanford University. Spanning literature, film, comics, animation and music, my interdisciplinary research sits at the intersection of technology, embodiment and media. In my work, I think about the shift in modes of embodiment and forms of space from real to virtual, industrial to postindustrial, analog to digital. In this vein, I have written about musical sampling and turntablism, the circus, street art and James Joyce. Considering how emergent media forms mutually constitute our embodiments, my dissertation maps the complex transitions and iterations of gesture in different media. In it, I trace how analog and digital media formats constitute gestures of writing, drawing, film and performance to articulate larger cultural shifts in the relationship between us and our technologies, how we move and how we communicate. At Stanford, I coordinate the Graphic Narrative Workshop, an interdisciplinary research workshop dedicated to the study of graphic narratives.