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Follow me @Violafaithe90 As a Communication Studies student I plan to specialize in the analysis of media and popular culture, specifically applications of mediated subjectivity and postmodern blackness. I earned a BA from Wesleyan College in English and Digital Humanities and I spent my time in undergrad developing an interest in all things Digital Humanities. Now, as a PhD student at the University of Michigan I plan to apply more data driven research with my current theoretical interests.

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My blog usually reflects on and my academic research covers:

• The internet as a space for identity formation, such as nuanced portrayals of blackness that contrast with mainstream portrayals of black identity

o Looking at Black web series and/or natural hair care blogs/sites/social media

• Convergence culture and the creation of, and interaction with, multimedia texts o Also complicating the definition of author, text, and individual/public

o Complicating the relationship between medium and content in the hypermedia era

• The ways in which reality and mockumentary television influence the construction of subjective reality and social media usage

o Reflections on the applications of modernism in the postmodern era i.e. hypermodernity and simulacra

• Chess, paranoia, and gaming in texts i.e. relating the figure of the chess player in culture to theories on gaming and academic research

o Examining chess in the 21st century (Twitter Chess, Choose Your Own Adventure Chess)

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