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I am a 2nd Year PhD Student in Rhetoric and Composition at Georgia State University. My interests are developing in composition theory and new media pedagogy. Currently I am working on using digital platforms in the composition classroom and am slated to begin an internship with the new online journal Hybrid Pedagogy.

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 Digital Writing Month: A (somewhat) Insane Mooc-ish Course-like Thing

Digital Writing Month: A (somewhat) Insane Mooc-ish Course-like Thing

November 1 2012 to November 30 2012
English and Digital Humanities at Marylhurst University and Hybrid Pedagogy Digital Writing Month (DigiWriMo) . Brought to you by the minds behind the mini, meta-MOOC, MOOC MOOC , this new adventure promises to be a wild exploration of how learning and writing happen online. DigiWriMo DigiWriMo...
United States

THATcamp Hybrid Pedagogy

October 20 2012 to October 21 2012
THATCamp Hybrid Pedagogy will be held in Portland, OR at Marylhurst University on October 20 and 21. The event is being organized by the English & Digital Humanities program and Center for Learning & Teaching at Marylhurst and the editors of Hybrid Pedagogy: A Digital Journal on Teaching...
17600 Pacific Highway (Hwy. 43)P.O. Box 261
Marylhurst, OR 97036-0261
United States
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