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Tara Zepel is a PhD candidate in Art History, Theory & Criticism at University of California, San Diego (UCSD). Her research and intermittent art practice sit at the intersections(s) between data visualization, design, and emerging configurations of knowledge expression. She is currently at work on her dissertation project, entitled Deep Visualization, which offers an in-depth yet overlapping perspective of current visualization practices -- pervading beyond how a visualization functions or looks, beyond existing frameworks of representation and into our everyday interactions with data.

Her current work in data visualization stems from an overarching interest in the life of emergent media as a creative form of expression and knowledge. Prior to attending graduate school, she earned a BA in Literature from Duke University and has work in both arts production and administration. While at UCSD, enjoys putting her interest into practice as a member of the Software Studies lab (softwarestudies.com), the Center for Design and Geopolitics (designgeopolitics.org), and a teacher in the Culture Art & Technology (cat.ucsd.edu) writing program.

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