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Seeking a degree in Arts Administration with a concentration in Media Management. Production Coordinator for and Graduate Research Fellow for the Center for Community Arts and Cultural Policy.

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Tomas Valladares is a Master's candidate at the University of Oregon's Arts and Administration program seeking a degree in Media Management. Tomas is a Graduate Research Fellow at the Center for Community Arts and Cultural Policy and is the 2010-2011 Vice-Representative for the student chapter of the Emerging Leaders in the Arts Network at the University of Oregon. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Entertainment Marketing from the University of Central Florida. He has held the position of Production Coordinator for, an international digital research project documenting intangible culture in China, for the last three years. His background in film and music production has enabled him to bring together interdisciplinary partners in interpreting and presenting China's intangible culture on the web for English-speaking audiences.
His current research interests include studying the impact of social media and the internet on the production and distribution of independent arts, and re-imagining interpretation and collaboration methods in cross-cultural digital environments.
Most recently, Tomas presented at the 2010 Folklorists in the South/Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation Conference in Chapel Hill, N.C. He will continue his work with the ChinaVine project on an upcoming research trip to Beijing and Shanghai.

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