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My research is theoretically informed by access and privilege, media and information literacy, digital media presentation values, global digital media governance, and Internet policy issues. I am on faculty at New York University, Johns Hopkins University, and University of Maryland University College.

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I am a seasoned new media design and development theorist-practitioner always ready for participation in new opportunities and collaborations in emerging technologies, academic and/or entrepreneurial. I teach online.

I have been a broadcaster, news personality, advertising executive for a Fortune 500 client agency, and an integrator on projects for Apple, HP, Lucent, and others. I am principle consultant for my freelance new media design and development firm since 1995 with current design projects found at

I published pioneering quantitative research on Internet addiction in the Penn State McNair Journal of 1996, co-opted the term 'above the fold' from my journalism background into the user experience lexicon for web design as a major firm on elance in 2000, and proposed my media 'iconics' theory on digital image instantiations with agency as a subscript of artificial intelligence at University of Basel in 2009.

I breathe ideas. As a new media professor and consultant, my personality is highly creative and systematically analytical. That drives me towards collaboration in simplification of complex, interactive projects, especially new media creative design and development prospects in emerging technologies.

I am editor for the book Global Issues and Ethical Concerns in Human Enhancement Technologies to be published in 2014, contracting with a U.K. publisher for my book on iconetics theory, leading development on a new academic journal, and working on a textbook for ubiquitous presentation in the digital age.

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