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I'm a 1st year Ph.D. student in Instructional Design and Technology at Virginia Tech. I decided to pursue my higher ed degree after a fifteen year career that included 5 years as a public school teacher, 6 years as a software consultant and trainer, and 4 years working for a software designing custom forms and training and supporting users. My current research interests involve promoting cross-disciplinary collaboration to enhance critical and creative thinking skills.

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I am a doctoral student in the Instructional Design and Technology program at Virginia Tech. I chose this program because it aligns with my experience and interests as not only an educator but also as a technology trainer and consultant. I worked in Virginia public schools in a variety of grade levels for 5 years, after which I worked as an independent software trainer and consultant for 7 years. Most recently, I worked for a software company where I designed custom automated forms in VBA as well as supported and trained end users of our application.

I entered the IDT program at Virginia Tech with a strong desire to learn more about the nature of learning in the digital age and how to capitalize on 21st century technologies to stimulate unmotivated and underachieving learners. Luckily for me, I was hired as a graduate assistant for the Integrated Design + Education + Art Studio (IDEAS) team. The IDEAS team, together with the Collaborative for Creative Technologies in the Arts and Design (CCTAD), is charged with a mission to conduct and apply trans-disciplinary, collaborative research to enhance learning. The research we conduct is situated at the intersection of the arts, creative technologies, and learning, and the outcomes promote critical and creative thinking skills and improve learning and performance in all subject areas - with a special focus on math, science, social studies, and language arts.

During the past year as I worked with the IDEAS team, we recruited public school teachers to collaborate with Virginia Tech faculty members on projects that combine technology and the arts to address learning standards in Virginia public schools. I believe that this work is very much aligned with the goals of the HASTAC community, and I am excited to not only contribute to this community but also learn a great deal as a HASTAC scholar.

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