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I am a founding member (and ongoing contributor) of a volunteer organization called ASSETT (Agile and Sustainable Supplemental Educational Technology Training) at Western Oregon University, which focuses on understanding how technology is best able to be used in education. That information is then delivered by ASSETT to faculty, students and the surrounding community through presentations, workshops, and physical and digital resources. I graduated from WOU with a degree in Elementary and Middle School Education in 2009, then I returned in 2011 to pursue a Masters in Education; my expected completion of the program is April 2013. While finishing my master's in Education (and an ESOL endorsement), I am also working as a graduate assistant for the ESOL/Bilingual program at the university. I am looking for ways technology can make teaching more effective for ELL students specifically as well as mainstream classrooms in general. In addition, my thesis work looks at the various educational technologies in use today (specifically “clickers”, iPads/tablets, smart boards, and document cameras) and analyzes their strengths and weaknesses in education. I am analyzing those findings to find how technology can help improve learning by isolating what factors help improve learning in general, then looking for devices that have those qualities. This information will then be used in the creation of a system, checklist or set of guidelines that allows educators to critically analyze any new technology that comes out and quickly be able to determine if and how it will be effective in their classroom.

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