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Undergraduate Taylor Bryant is earning both a BA in Telecommunications and a BFA in Studio Art. In both he is focusing primarily on 3D animation and motion design. He is the 2011 winner of the Fred Brewer Scholarship, awarded to a Telecommunications major demonstrating innovative use of video graphics in traditional electronic or new media. As well as being a full time student, Taylor is a freelancer working on multiple projects for companies such as Sproutbox, RF Investments, and Edesign4U. Taylor is currently interning for the Big 10 network’s Fly Pack creating graphics for sports broadcasts. He has also worked with a number of IU faculty members, providing technical support and creating 3D animations for children’s educational videos, theater backdrops, and concept art. Taylor plans to continue freelance work after graduation with hopes of becoming an outside consultant for major production houses. For samples of Taylor Bryant's work visit: http://www.taylorbryant.info

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