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Matt Williams is a PhD Student at Stanford University studying religion, education, and learning technology.

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Matt mainly focuses on modes of cultural transmission and indoctrination in modern religious communities. His work has spanned the fields of art history, literature, formal education practices, history, theology, anthropology, and sociology, verging into those often disparate disciplines in order to more holistically understand the complex sites in which people learn about and embody their identities. As an educator, he also focuses on how Jewish texts specifically and humanities in general can be taught and learned in web 2.0 environments. He was previously a Mellon Initiative Scholar of Humanities at Yale University in the Department of the History of Art, a Leadership Alliance Early Identification Doctoral Fellow, and a curatorial consultant at Smithsonian Institute. He has been a consultant on a wide array of digital projects, many of which revolve around the teaching and learning of history online, most recently having worked with Ravsak and NYU. He was also a Jewish Educator Fellow, affiliated with the Yeshiva University School Partnership, and teacher at the Melvin J. Berman Hebrew Academy. He has a bachelors with honors from Yeshiva University.

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