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I am interested in all aspects of digital collections including: selection criteria, workflow, color managed capture, creation of preservation, technical, access metadata, clustered storage, emerging dissemination technologies, migration, and use.I have supported the development of archives for universities, museums and private collectors. I have diverse experience structuring grant proposals and conducting research on issues concerning complex digital objects. I have experience in reference and bibliographic services for academic, public, and non-profit organizations, and conducting preservation assessments in rare book collections for cultural heritage sites to secure IMLS preservation monies.

I have a rich background of experience within higher education and non-profits that involve using and supporting image management systems such as Luna Insight, MDID, and DigiTools. I offer skills in project management, development of work flow documentation, digital object classification, structural markup, collection development, web based technologies, finance, and personnel administration. I am very versatile and am equally comfortable in leading technology initiatives and as a contributing member of a collaborative group.

I have experience in collaborative research proposal writing and enjoy the challenges of seeking external funds to initiate projects that identify, preserve, and increase access to critical reference resources and cultural heritage.

Specialties:My role within a leadership team is the 'Maven.' I am a catalyst for positive change. I initiate projects by building relationships amongst diverse stakeholders to ensure high probabilities of success and a sustainable system of information generation and access. My management philosophy is the value of one, the power of all. I value teamwork, achievement, community, honesty, and excellence.

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