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Questions of interdisciplinary communication and disciplinary discourses are much of what drive me as a scholar and as a person. My research interests involve scientific discourse, the rhetoric of science and, in particular, how scientific practitioners can communicate more effectively outside their fields while maintaining the disciplinary integrity of their knowledge. My goal is to be a translator, to be fluent in multiple disparate disciplinary discourses so that I can help bridge gaps between the humanities and the sciences and, more generally, between academia and the audiences it aims to serve. In addition to this research work I also serve as the assistant director of the Department of English’s Avery Microcomputer Lab, a high-end microcomputer lab that serves students and faculty in the department’s tracks in literary studies, rhetoric and composition, and digital technology and culture. In the world outside my department, I work as a wine writer who tries to make geeky wine science accessible to non-scientists.

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