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PhD, Learning, Culture and Technology Studies (Education)
University of California Santa Barbara
@susmcgowan on twitter

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My interest in the digital humanities stem from my undergraduate degree in Art History and French (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), my master’s in Instructional Technology (University of Virginia), and my work experience in the educational technology industry and higher education. I had the privilege of witnessing not only the early uses of the Internet in the classroom but also in supporting faculty in understanding and documenting the effects of technology on the learning process.

While working at the Center for New Designs in Learning and Scholarship at Georgetown University, I worked as a curriculum designer on the Visible Knowledge Project, a collaborative five-year project engaging seventy humanities faculty at twenty-one institutions in an investigation of technology and student learning. Spinning off of this project, we received a FIPSE grant to design and facilitate online workshops for faculty to design innovative assignments. Both projects encapsulated my interests in working with innovative teachers while building collaborative and supportive environments for them to experiment and share their work.

After working for eight years on these projects at Georgetown, I decided to return to school to further study the impact of technology in learning endeavors. Recent developments within the digital humanities communities as well as THATcamps prompted me to think about how these communities, centers, and groups change the way scholars approach teaching or the emphasis on student learning in the humanities. In addition, I am interested in forging collaborations between and among scholars within my own institution who are interested in digital humanities.

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