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I earned my Ph.D. in Sociology at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York, where my research explored combat injury as a racialized production of violence. Expertise focused on institutions and the role they play in the reproduction of social division, conflict, and violence.

I am a social science/criminal justice researcher with demonstrated experience in quantitative and qualitative methods applied to policy issues. Current research aims to understand the role that firearms play in the social identity formation of college-aged youth.

Skilled communicator able to work in multi-disciplinary setting and maintain strong relationships with multiple agencies and organizations. I can combine methodological excellence with a commitment to translate findings in ways that are accessible to both research and policy audiences.

My work is published in Social Text, Perspectives on Politics, and The Feminist Wire, where I write about the intersections between culture, politics, and violence. At Penn State, I teach courses in Research Methods, Criminology, Juvenile Justice, and Conflict Policing.

Media contact available to discuss issues that concern gun violence, firearms, and youth violence.

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