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I have had an interdisciplinary approach to education as both a student and faculty member. I have formally studied five disciplines (English, history, religious studies, public policy analysis, and communication) which does not include four of the areas in which I have published (alcoholism/substance abuse, learning styles, quilting, and lesbian/gay issues). I also have an active interest in genealogy. Currently, I have a joint appointment in the departments of English and history at Schoolcraft College which is a two year community college near Detroit, Michigan.

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I have formally studied five disciplines which does not include some of the disciplines in which I have published. My interdisciplinary background is reflected in the courses I teach. In addition to my teaching, I do work as an artist specializing in photomontage.

I serve on the Steering Committee for the Liberal Arts Network for Development (LAND) and as President of the Michigan Chapter for the National Organization for Student Success (NOSSMi).

I am a strong advocate of student centered learning. My philosophy toward students is the basis for my most recent book on Promoting Student Transformation at the Community College: If Everything Happens That Can’t Be Done (HASTAC, 2020).

You can find additional information about me on my website as well as in my teaching blog.

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