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Staci Shultz is an assistant professor of English at Wesleyan College. She teaches a variety of writing courses, including ESL, Advanced Argumentation, and Professional Writing. She was a HASTAC Scholar during her time at the University of Michigan as a PhD student in the Joint Program in English & Education, and she looks forward to returning the favor by sponsoring undergrads at Wesleyan.

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My scholarship centers on college students' extracurricular writing practices, specifically those who write fan fiction for the television show House, M.D. I examine the writing ideologies at work in these often-contested writing communities, examining how a site "sponsors" literacy practices (Deborah Brandt, 2001) and the ways in which participants' practices are recruited, enabled, and sometimes suppressed. I argue that acknowledging the writing our students do outside of the composition classroom can help us create more dynamic and relevant pedagogies and also help us better prepare them for a variety of rhetorical situations.

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