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Sonja’s PHD research explored Digital Storytelling as a tool for Everyday Activism, focusing particularly on the problems of Voice, Queer Identity and Networked Publics. She is based at the ARC Centre of Excellence for Creative Industries and Innovation (CCi) at Queensland University of Technology and is a graduate of the Oxford Institute of Internet Research (OII) Summer Doctoral Programme. Her background is as a writer/director/producer of drama and documentaries, tackling subjects as diverse as youth suicide; drug culture in Vietnamese communities; and lesbian personal columns. Over recent years, Sonja has become increasingly involved in a range of community Digital Storytelling projects, including ‘Journeys from Heartache to Hope’ with an Indigenous Women’s Healing Group, and a cross-platform Queer Digital Storytelling initiative, ‘The Rainbow Family Tree Project’. As creative principal of ‘Incite Stories’, Sonja also produced and co-directed ‘Wadu Matyidi’, a kids animation and documentary package exploring the rejuvenation of the Adnyamathanha language and culture of the Flinders Ranges.

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