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Samantha Michele Riley is a Ph.D. Candidate in Comparative Literature, studying at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Her dissertation topic focuses on Queer Cinema and AIDS. Additionally, her research interests include the many forms of monstrosity in film and literature, including queer desire, infanticide in horror films, ageism, and fetishism.

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Sam has taught ESL, English Composition, Introduction to Film, Global Cinema, Global Queer Cinema, Women's Studies 101, Introduction to Media History, Theory, and Criticism, and First and Second semester German at UNC and in Freiburg, Germany.

She works as a writer, content & layout editor for Evia Learning, Inc. on first and second year German language textbooks: Auf geht's! and Weiter geht's! See: and Also worked previously for Google, Inc., as a videographer for Middlebury College, and as the Rights and Contracts Editor for the University of North Carolina Press.

Sam has presented at a number of conferences, including New Waves. XII. International Cinema and Media Studies Conference in Transylvania, Romania (2009), the ACLA (American Comparative Literature Association) (2009), and Revisiting the Past in Contemporary Literature and Film, West Virginia University (2008). She has organized and will be a respondent at the MLA on a panel entitled: • “(In)Tolerance in Queer Cinema" (2011).

She has published: Encyclopedic entries for Judith Butler’s Undoing Gender and 19th century German feminist Hedwig Dohm in The Literary Encyclopedia: see Also, “A Transnational Queer AIDS Cinema.” Exit 9: The Rutgers Journal of Comparative Literature. Issue on Visual Culture. Vol. 10 (2009): 42-55. Forthcoming: “Unmasking Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein in Patrick Süskind’s Das Parfum.”Monstrous Deviations in Literature and the Arts. Eds. Cristina Santos and Adriana Spahr (Forthcoming 2010) and 5 Encyclopedic entries for the Directory of World Cinema: Germany – Queer Cinema.

Sam received her BA from the University of Iowa in Comparative Literature (1999) and MA from UNC-Chapel Hill (2008). She also attended Albert-Ludwigs University in Freiburg, Germany from 1999-2004 and Middlebury College's French summer school program (2007).

Her professional affiliations: SCMA, MLA, ACLA, ACTFL, NAATG, among others.

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