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Sergio Loza is a PhD student at Arizona State University in Hispanic Sociolinguistics and Spanish Heritage Language Pedagogy. He received a double BA in English literature and Spanish linguistics from Arizona State University. He is interested in Spanish variation and language change in the southwest as well as language ideologies. In addition, he also works with Spanish heritage pedagogy, language variation in the classroom and curriculum development.

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My professional objectives are to study the Spanish language within the social context of the United States. Specifically, my scholarly goals are to research language ideologies that shape the continued negative attitudes towards Spanish varieties of the U.S. These negative attitudes in combination with the monolingual tendencies of the U.S. cause language attrition in the heritage language for many children of immigrant parents, as early as in the second generation.

By researching the power structures and the monolingual tendencies that the U.S. has towards immigrant languages, new materials can be created to help maintain the Spanish as a heritage language among the children of Latin American immigrants.  It is my objective to contribute to the empirical body of research that can help change this unfortunate situation. As a professional, my aim is to take the study of heritage language pedagogy and sociolinguistics to other academic institutions.

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