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Dr. Siobhan O’Flynn consults on digital/interactive/participatory storytelling via her company NarrativeNow, is the co-creator of the online site,, & co-founder of Transmedia 101, a community building & education initiative for Canadian producers moving into the digital sphere. She is a Senior Lecturer, Canadian Studies, University College, University of Toronto and Faculty Expert on Interactive Narrative Design 2001-2011 with the CFC Media Lab. Dr. O’Flynn’s research & teaching focuses on how artistic works & practices across media engage with political, social & cultural concerns. Her academic research and artistic practice examine: the function, design, & experience of narrative in interactive environments; foresighting emergent trends in digital storytelling & entertainment in a Web 2.0/3.0 world; and the social benefit of interactive art for urban planning, social and cultural capital in the context of arts festivals such as Toronto’s Luminato & Nuit Blanche. Dr. O’Flynn is currently the primary investigator on a research project, Nuit Blanche and Transformational Publics, funded by the SSHRC Insight Development Grant, with collaborator, Faisal Anwar with whom she has co-founded PlusCity Design.

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