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Shannon Butts is a doctoral student at the University of Florida working in writing, media studies, and critical making. Her research interests include visual rhetoric, remix writing, digital DIY, rhetorics of resistance, and the circulation of culture through parody and popular media. Shannon’s work examines the hybrid ecology of material and digital making – investigating the feedback loop between physical space and digital platforms through the circulation of visual rhetoric. As a co-founder of UF’s TRACE Innovation Initiative, Shannon also works with 3D printing and augmented reality technologies to critically analyze and build augmented spaces of writing. In addition, Shannon teaches courses focused on remix and remediation, visual rhetoric, and writing through media.

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Shannon Butts is a PhD student at the University of Florida working in writing, media studies, and critical making. Shannon’s research examines the ecology of material and digital making through augmented spaces of writing. Using technologies such as Augmented Reality applications and 3D printing, Shannon’s work discusses the translation of data between images and objects and the writing of new mobilities across built environments. Augmented writing technologies offer methods for critical making that ask users to participate in the writing of a space and to foster ‘socio-technical’ literacies that connect creative design, technological skill, and participatory composition. Making just because we can becomes less important than why we make or how human and nonhuman actors participate in diverse rhetorical ecologies. By creating projects that invite users to experience a space and write through both data and movement, Shannon hopes to extend how makers use augmentation technologies for critical public discourse.

Shannon is also committed to developing critical making projects within the community. Over the past year, she has co-lead introductory Arduino and AR trainings for UF students as part of a workshop series in the Marston Science Library and created guided AR tours of Atlanta and Paris that asks users to contribute to the historical narratives of each city. In addition, Shannon is co-editing an issue of the TRACE journal entitled, “How We Make,” that engages making in theory, practice, and pedagogy (

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