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Seth Adam Cook is an artist and researcher from southern Louisiana currently working on his Master of Fine Arts. The basis for his research began as a response to the social conflicts he has either experienced personally or become exposed to since his childhood (climate change, human rights, religious debates, and global conflicts to name a few). Based on his observations from the continuation of these conflicts, as well as his continued studies on cultural/subcultural social structures, Seth believes that these arguments/conflicts are happening as a result of the confusion and uncertainty people are experiencing in the Information Age; an age which has granted society 24/7 access to information. This confusion, he goes on to say, is part of a social evolutionary process that is allowing people the opportunity to think for themselves; an attempt to construct personal conclusions about how the world works. As a conflict of interest, this causes people to allude to more sustainable universal truths, creating a false sense of closure in a society that encourages constant renovation.

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