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3D Computer Graphics Programmer for the Digital Animated Cinema Industry since 1984.
Pioneer in Digital, Mathematical Sculpture since 1989. Pioneer in Tactile Mathematics since 1999.

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Bachelors of Electrical Engineering, University of Delaware, 1981: Generalized Self-Styled Curriculum in Art and Technology. (See Kluever/Rauschenberg E.A.T. 1966) Drawing (6 hours), Sculpture (6 hours), Visual Design (3 hours), Electronic Music (9 hours), Psychology of Perception (6 hours), Theater Technology (3 hours), Physical Optics (4 hours), Physical Acoustics (4 hours).
United States Patent for a stringed musical instrument with electrical feedback ("Electroacoustic Monochord"), 1981. Published in refereed scholarly journals since 1982. Employment: AT&T Technologies/Western Electric Company assigned to Bell Laboratories 1981-1984. Goldsholl Design & Film 1984-1987; Collaboration with Joe Davis, MIT Center for Advanced Visual Studies 1983-1987; Northwestern Computer Music/New Music Chicago 1985; The Post Group, Hollywood 1988-1993; Programme for Art and Virtual Environments 1992-1994, Banff Centre for the Arts; ISEA 1992-1995; ReZ.n8 Productions, Hollywood 1993-1995; Los Angeles Metro Rail Percent-for-Art 1994; Walt Disney Feature Animation 1996-2002; The Long Now Foundation 1996-Present; Oak Ridge National Laboratory 2002-2005; University of North Carolina-Asheville 2005-2007; NOAA National Climatic Data Center 2006-2007; Beckman Institute, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 2007-2010; HDF Group in support of NASA Earth Observation System 2010-2011; Wolfram Research, Inc. 2011-Present.

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