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I teach courses in American literature and cultural history at UC Berkeley, and have spent the last several years generating digital-born projects and integrating digital publishing into my courses.
In 2014 I published Becoming Richard Pryor (HarperCollins), the first thoroughly researched biography of the comedian, and also released "Richard Pryor's Peoria" (, an extensive digital companion to the biography. Using the model of "Richard Pryor's Peoria" and applying it to my home city in its own moment of rapid cultural and political transformation, I worked with Cal undergrads to create "The Berkeley Revolution" (, a curated primary-source-driven project on Berkeley in the late-60s and 1970s. I have also been interested in turning humanities seminars and lectures into publication workshops -- please see "The Annex" ( and "The Godfather: Anatomy of a Film" (
I've also hosted a books-and-arts podcast, Chapter & Verse (

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