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During man years of teaching, I built rich, story-based classroom games for my math students with incredible results: increased test scores and breaking through resistance to the subject. With encouragement, I decided to bring these middle school math games on-line and formed my own company called MidSchoolMath. Building on the success of our first game, Ko's Journey, in 2015, MidSchoolMath launched EMPIRES, Test Trainer Pro and the MSM LSM. We also host a national conference in Santa Fe, NM each year - the only national conference dedicated to math and science teachers.

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Dr. Scott Laidlaw has a diverse background in research, game design, teaching, marketing and product development. His meta-analysis examining the impact of study design in educational research, won the Dean’s Citation for Outstanding Dissertations. He was a teacher/professor for 14 years at elementary, secondary and university levels. Dr. Laidlaw’s primary research has been in the area of human imagination. He has developed seven story-based math games with historical fiction themes ranging from the middle ages in France, the spice trade in the 1600’s to an old west gold town, each taught over a semester of 7th and 8th grade math curriculum. The concept for Ko’s Journey was developed amid 20,000 feet peaks in the Andes. Ko, as it was originally called, ultimately became a semester-long classroom math game played with stone totems on hand-painted deer hides. Five years later, with students still recalling how they learned the Cartesian Coordinate system from Luna of the Night Sky, a deeper understanding of teaching math through story was realized. He founded his own company, MidSchoolMath, and led the design and development of Ko’s Journey, EMPIRES, Test Trainer Pro and the MSM LSM. Scott is dedicated to reforming math education and building products for the teacher by the teacher.

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