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Susan Chun is a researcher and consultant to cultural heritage organizations (including museums, libraries, and funders) specializing in publishing; intellectual property policy and open content initiatives; information management and visualization; advanced search strategies; and multilingual content development and management. She leads several multi-institutional research and development projects in the museum and library community: she is a co-founder and project lead for Steve: The Museum Social Tagging Project, a collaboration of museums and information professionals investigating the potential of social tagging to enhance access to museum collections and engage visitors, and co-PI of the Searching Cultural Collections project, which is investigating large-scale search logs of libraries of cultural content. She is an instructor in cataloguing theory and practice in the graduate museum studies programs at the Universita della Svizzerà Italiana and Johns Hopkins University and researches, writes, teaches, and lectures regularly on museum publishing, intellectual property policy, open content initiatives, information management and cataloguing strategy, search and access, and social software.

From 1998-2007 and 1989-94, Susan was employed at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, most recently as General Manager for Collections Information Planning. In this capacity, she was responsible for formulating institutional strategy and for developing and managing major projects involving intellectual property, asset management and archiving, digital imaging and licensing, publishing, and standards. Prior to that, Susan was Senior Editor for New Media and Marketing Manager in the museum's Editorial Department. She has also been employed at the Asia Society (New York), Alfred A. Knopf, and the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

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