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Fuchs Sampson
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Sarah Fuchs Sampson is Assistant Professor of Music History and Cultures at Syracuse University. Grounded in archival research, her scholarship on musical cultures of the long nineteenth century is broadly interdisciplinary, incorporating perspectives from cultural history as well as film and media studies. Supported by the American Association of University Women and the Presser Foundation, her current book project focuses on the new modes of operatic consumption, pedagogy, and performance that emerged alongside the telephone, phonograph, and camera in fin-de-siècle France. As a complement to her current work, she built a digital visualization demonstrating the connections between students and professors at the Paris Conservatoire around the turn of the nineteenth century. Ultimately, this project demonstrates not only the fruitful relationship between operatic culture and technological innovation at the fin de siècle, but also the rich potential for interdisciplinary connections between musicology, media studies, and the digital humanities.

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