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"[The new Flaming Lips Album] is like if Stevie Wonder got together with Led Zeppelin and they had Pro Tools" He wonders where words become things and plans become artifacts.

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"I have a question for you," he said, taking out of his pocket a crumpled piece of paper on which he had scribbled a few key words. He took a breath: "Do you believe in reality?"

"But of course!" I laughed. "What a question! Is reality something we have to believe in?"

He had asked me to meet him for a private discussion in a place I found as bizarre as the question: by the lake near the chalet, in this strange imitation of a Swiss resort located in the tropical mountains of Teresopolis in Brazil. Has reality truly become something people have to believe in, I wondered, the answer to a serious question asked in a hushed and embarrassed tone? Is reality something like God, the topic of a confession reached after a long and intimate discussion? Are there people on earth who don't believe in reality?

When I noticed that he was relieved by my quick and laughing answer, I was even more baffled, since his relief proved clearly enough that he had anticipated a negative reply, something like "Of course not! Do you think I am that naive?" This was not a joke, then: he really was concerned, and his query had been in earnest.
-Bruno Latour, Pandora's Hope

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