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Hi, I am Alex Stinson. I am a masters student of English Literature and Culture Studies at Kansas State University.Within my academic research, I focuses on the place of history and the historical in public discourse, masculinities and subculture, and environmental rhetoric about food in contemporary literature. I am also a budding Digital Humanities practitioner. DH started when I started as a contributor to Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects as User:Sadads at the beginning of undergraduate career. Since, I have begun exploring the place of academic activity in Wikipedia and it's role as the center of free internet knowledge, through projects like GLAM-Wiki ( ) and the Wikipedia Education Program ( In digital humanities, I am particularly interested in what the private sector has called "Knowledge Management", that is managing information and knowledge and it's sharing on social platforms, like wikis and blogs, so that the people who need it most can get access to it, improving quality and efficiency across an organization. Since joining Wikipedia, I have always thought of it as the ultimate Academic knowledge management platform: it provides the ultimate bridge between academic resources and information and the researchers that needs that information. Hopefully, I can use this blog explain how I have approached bringing these two spaces together!

If you are interested in following in other spaces, here is me on Twitter, Wikipedia or my Wordpress blog:

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