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I am a Master's student in Digital Humanities & Scholars Student Coordinator for HASTAC and the Futures Initiative at the Graduate Center, City University of New York. The Futures Initiative advocates greater equity and innovation in higher education through student-centered teaching and learning, and promotes reinvestment in higher education as a public good.

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I am a master’s student in Digital Humanities at the CUNY Graduate Center. I received my bachelor’s from Smith College in Africana Studies: Urban Education, and an A.A in Liberal Arts Social Science & Humanities from LaGuardia Community College. I've worked with community college across the nation, and am passionate about serving the needs of students of 1st generation college students from nontraditional backgrounds. As a scholar rooted in the humanities, my work demonstrates a strong interdisciplinary background, integrating innovative pedagogies of education including the usage of technology and game-based projects in the classroom. I've previously managed the Smith College Video Game Research Lab through which I mentored students in creating their own video game projects, and collaboratively created games which reflects the needs of students of color in higher education settings. Through the use of digital platforms, I believe students can become empowered to forge their own identities in higher education settings.

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