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I am a PhD Student in Ethnic and Thirld World Literature at the University of Texas at Austin. One of my current projects revolves around examining leftist propaganda directed toward university and secondary-school students during the first decade of the Guatemalan civil war period. After this, I hope to examine "Anti-rojo" (anti-communist) propaganda; all of this work is based on documents found through the digital archive of the Archivo Historico Policia Nacional (AHPN) of Guatemala. In addition, as part of the Digital Writing and Research Lab, I am working with a project group to create an archive of the Lab's materials and history. Pedagogically, I am currently teaching Rhetoric of Revolution, which is a second-year writing course which culminates in student-produced manifestos through various media. As I prepare to teach it again in the spring, I am working on using a non-traditional style of grading, the Learning Record.

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