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I am a first year Masters student in Digital Rhetoric and Professional Writing. My research areas include digital rhetoric, online embodiment, embodied play and gamification, and serious gaming. I am currently working as a graduate coordinator at the Michigan State University Writing Center.

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I try not to start bios or summaries with "My whole life I've..." because it wouldn't be true. I fell into each passion by accident. I found English through my love for reading in High School. I discovered Media production through my involvement in dedicated fan groups which introduced me to friends around the globe. This led to an interest in digital rhetoric. All of these subjects shaped my interests into a nebulous of writing, reading, editing, and above all: advocacy. These days, I spend my days researching and presenting on the topic of human centered web design and development. 

I want to make the internet a better "place". 

I also have extensive practical experience. I've been working with applications like Wordpress for almost 6 years, I've been trained in Adobe applications like InDesign and Illustrator, and I implement Social Media tools daily. 

As of right now I'm working on a piece about how to apply the psychology regarding Avatar use to the field of information architecture. And, I'm presenting at LangRhet in October about authoritative voices in online discourse.

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