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Crandall Shifflett is the author of four books in U.S. history and the founding director of Virtual Jamestown, a web-based collection of documents, images, maps, databases, oral histories, scholarly articles, and virtual reality visualizations of the seventeenth-century Virginia colony. He was a pioneer in deploying quantitative and computer techniques to the study of history. He has taught at Virginia Tech for 31 years. In 2005-2006, he served as the Interim Director, University of Virginia Center for Digital History. In 2008-2009, he was awarded the Eccles Center Visiting Professorship in North American Studies at the British Library in London, England. He has won research fellowships from the National Endowment for the Humanities (1992, 1995). Additional support for his digital history work has come from Virginia Tech (1999), Verizon (2004), and an Andrew W. Mellon Foundation grant (2002-2005). He continues development of Virtual Jamestown with the following motivation and vision:

“My passion is the application of 2D-4D technology in U.S./Atlantic World areas of history to create new knowledge and knowledge in new ways. My dream: to be part of a team of digital historians, archaeologists and anthropologists, augmented reality and GIS specialists, computer programmers, teachers and students, visual artists, serious game builders, and fund raising experts in a collaborative, web-based, interactive, immersive, and information-rich project to design, vet, and market teaching and learning modules at all educational levels. I am convinced that discovery, learning, and creation are fundamentally essential parts of the learning process, not separate activities of individuals working in silos of splendid isolation. New Age teaching, learning, and scholarship requires levels of knowledge and expertise beyond what can be acquired by a single person in a lifetime.”

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