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Rahul's academic preoccupations often meander into imaginings about media's role with(in) alternative futures for/of politics and technology. His research interests include alternative media and New Social Movements, database management systems as interfaces, time and terror in Bollywood thrillers, documentary, network protocols, and history and visual culture of industrial disasters. Rahul received his Bachelor's degree in Information and Communication Technology from DA-IICT Gandhinagar, India, following which he worked initially as a software engineer in Mahindra British Telecom (Tech Mahindra) in Open Source Technologies. Later, when working with Human Factors International (HFI), he was part of field trips to flood affected areas in Mumbai and Tsunami affected areas in Pondicherry as a research associate in Contextual Innovation. After receiving his MA in Communication Studies from Bowling Green State University, he joined UC, Santa Barbara's MA/PhD program in Film and Media Studies in 2008. His work presently is engaged with examining media's role in and within socio-technical debates or public debates around technoscience related issues.

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