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Purdom Lindblad is the Assistant Director of Innovation and Learning at MITH. She will coordinate MITH’s growing portfolio of courses and instructional programs, including DH Incubators oriented around the Synergies Among Digital Humanities and African American History and Culture project.

Purdom has an MA in American Studies from Michigan State University and an MS in Information Science from the School of Information, University of Michigan. Interested in digital humanities since graduate school, Purdom has worked at Michigan State University’s Matrix, Virginia Tech Libraries, and the Scholars’ Lab at the University of Virginia Library.

Purdom is broadly interested in the implicit and explicit effort that digital humanities can do for social, cultural, and environmental justice. Applying principles from Feminist Interface Design, Purdom and her Scholars’ Lab colleague Jeremy Boggs, explore how the process of feature development and public documentation shape the experience of users and render the theoretical underpinnings of digital work more accessible.

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