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Porchia Moore is the former Director of the Arizona Western College Creative Writing School where she concurrently served as professor of English.

A graduate of the dual-enrollment Masters in English Literature program with the Citadel and The College of Charleston, Porchia is a 3rd year PhD candidate at the University of South Carolina in the School of Library and Information Science. She is also enrolled in the Museum Management Certificate Program at the University's McKissick Museum.

She is currently conducting research on race, social media and museums. Porchia utilizes Critical Race Theory as an informative framework to interrogate cultural heritage institutions. Periodically she works as a contract employee at the Columbia Museum of Art. She has presented as various national and international conferences presenting on museums and cultural heritage. She has a forthcoming article on on race, social media and museums in the American Alliance of Museum's journal, Exhibitionist.

Porchia has worked and lived abroad in Japan and traveled extensively throughout the word including Malaysia, Thailand, New Zealand, Singapore, Korea, France, and Bahamas.

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