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Dr. O'Shea is an independent consultant working on Augmented Reality curriculum/game design issues. He has consulted with projects at WGBH, PBS Kids, and The Old Courthouse Museum on the Freedom Trail. Previously, he acted as the Director of the Handheld Augmented Reality Project at Harvard University's Graduate School of Education. This project was focused on studying the potential of GPS-enabled handheld computing in educational settings to improve academic and non-academic outcomes. In addition, Dr. O'Shea has more than 15 years of experience working at every level of education, working in online and face-to-face settings teaching educational technology, assessment and evaluation, the social and cultural foundations of education, and action research (among other topics). Among his accomplishments, Dr. O'Shea has consulted internationally for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, built online testing protocols, designed, implemented, and evaluated large-scale university-level projects, and has extensive experience with practical applications of technology in the educational setting.

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