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Connected learning aspirant with a passion for and extensive experience teaching and serving first-generation students of color. Seeking opportunities to advocate for and deliver relevant, affordable post-secondary and lifelong learning opportunities for youth and adult learners from under-served and under-resourced communities.  I want to disrupt higher ed and career credentialing to ensure that students like the ones I have served throughout my career can be engaged citizens earning a living wage and creating the change they want to see in the world.  I want to curate playlists and issues badges that have currency for these young people and with employers and educators.  

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Phyllis Jeffers-Coly’s twenty years in higher education includes teaching composition, leadership, literature and women’s studies at Montgomery Community College, the University of Maryland (UMCP) and the College Access and Transition Program (CAT) at the University of Cincinnati as well as seven years of Enrollment Management/Student Affairs experience at Central State University where she served as the Dean of Enrollment Management/Services. Her experience in higher education policy and advocacy also includes working for the White House Initiative on HBCUs, AAUW MD and the Office of Congressman Robert C Scott. She holds a BA in English from North Carolina Central University and a Masters in English Language and Literature from UMCP.  She is currently working for GRAD Cincinnati as a College and Career Readiness Specialist.  

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