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Hello all! I am currently an English MA student at SUNY New Paltz. When I'm not reading or writing for my grad classes, I can be found teaching Composition classes, studying 19th-Century architecture, or scouring the internet for cute cat photos.

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While I have not had too much experience with creating my own digital projects, I have used Wordpress to construct a Harry Potter themed group project as well as Omeka to craft a  solo digital archive project for an essay analyzing the gothicization of homosexuality in Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray.

My interest in digital humanities began when I took a course at SUNY New Paltz taught by Professor Annie Swafford titled "Digital Tools for the 21st Century." The class focused on a wide variety of DHM tools, not limited to but including Omeka, Google fusion tables, Google maps, wordclouds, Book Traces, and Twitter.

My interest in digital studies has, admittedly, been confined to my humanities background. Yet as a Composition instructor teaching Freshman students who may not be subjected to MLA style or English literature for the rest of their time at college, I find that expanding my horizons would be beneficial. 

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