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Programmer Analyst Peter Kudenov holds a Bachelor's (2009) and a Master's degree (2013) in English. Professionally, he has been designing and implementing a variety of technology solutions for clients since 2001. While working for E-Terra (2001-2005), an Alaskan based consulting and geospatial services company, Peter implemented message parsing services in C++ for Secure Asset Reporting Services (owned by TerraMarNetworks), allowing clients to track shipping crates on naval assets using satellite solutions. His work included designing and implementing a scalable and threaded native Microsoft Exchange Server client to load and interpret messages before storing the results in SQL server. Peter was an active consultant for Surveyors Exchange from 2006 to 2012, working as a web-designer and Autodesk plug-in developer. Most recently Peter worked as a .NET developer specializing in C# and SQL; at GeoNorth (2013-2014), he refined various client solutions for clients such Chugach Electric and the Alyeska Pipeline Service Company, and he helped develop the State of Alaska's Court Management System's web application, and the Department of Education's Automated Information Management System service. His longstanding interests in technology, digital media, and rhetorical theory and practices lead him to choose NC State’s Communications, Rhetoric, and Digital Media program as a natural evolution to further his interests in the digital humanities. His research interests include materialism, affect theory, platform studies, and implementing theory-driven code.

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